Whether it’s a video tutorial, a product video, or a presentation, recording your screen is something you just can’t avoid.

The pandemic has had a huge impact on how things work, and video content is among the many things that have surged in popularity with its outbreak. Video content is seeing its golden age at a time when working from home has become the new normal and remote work is becoming an industry reality.

Expecting a team member to create a video tutorial or presentation is as common as expecting someone to send an email. In addition, communication via video is much more convenient than any form of writing.  

Leaving the business side of the story aside, video content is experiencing a massive boom with an increase in content creators for social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. While video content can exist in infinite forms, screen capture and a camera feed are among the simplest and most versatile forms of video content creation. In fact, screen recording is the industry standard when creating tutorials or video presentations for your team. 

Now that we know the importance of creating excellent video content, let’s take a look at some of the best screen recording apps. We’ve rounded up some of the best video messaging apps for work to record your screen and camera.


If you need to record videos on the go and don’t have time for fancy edits, Loom is definitely one to consider. Ask yourself a question here: why is sending screen recordings so troublesome? Some common answers would be that it requires a lot of bandwidth, takes up a lot of storage space on the sending and receiving devices, or is much more demanding than writing a simple text.

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Loom has a solution to all of the above answers with its spectacular offerings. To get its benefits, Loom lets you capture screen and webcam recordings with a single click, without having to switch between different video and audio inputs. You can enjoy Loom and its benefits on Mac, iOS, Windows and Android through their application, or you can opt for their browser extension. 

This utility solves the bandwidth and storage space problem by creating a unique video link for all your recorded videos that you want to share. The recipient just needs to click the link and stream your video without allocating storage space. Not to mention that this method is much easier than uploading and downloading a large video file every time someone wants to watch the video. 


vmaker is another great screen recorder that allows you to record top quality videos with minimal effort. This utility gives you the option to record your screen, camera or your screen and webcam in 4K quality with one click. You can also add annotations to your videos using the annotation tools in the Vmaker application.

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Vmaker also gives you some basic editing options like cut, trim, merge and rotate, which you can use to add a professional touch to your screen recordings. You can then download or share the videos with a single click.

While you can always record your screen using the traditional application-based method, Vmaker lets you use Max to record meetings. Max is Vmaker’s virtual assistant that allows you to record your meetings if you mark it in the meeting invite heymax@vmaker.com. 

Next, you can share videos using View-Only mode, also known as Snapchat for work, which allows the recipient to see the videos only once before they expire. This mode is perfect for sending sensitive information that you don’t want stored on the recipient’s device for security reasons. You can also record as many videos as you like, but you may need a subscription to record long meetings with no limit on duration. 


Screen-O-Matic is a versatile screen recorder that not only lets you record your webcam and screen, but also lets you take screenshots on the go. The interface is pretty simple and you are presented with four simple options as soon as you enter the application. Take a screenshot, launch Recorder, open Notepad and open Uploads.

Just like the previous mentions in this list, Screencast-O-Matic lets you record your screen and webcam, but it has some unique features that make it stand out in this list.

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Screencast-O-Matic’s screen recorder allows you to customize the input devices for your webcam and microphone feed. Additionally, you can either include the computer audio or use your own narration without the computer audio.

Once you’ve finished your recording, you’ll find your videos in the Recordings section. You can either use your videos as is, but you don’t want to miss out on Screen-O-Matic’s easy-to-use video editing tools.


The editing tools on Screencast-O-Matic are an absolute charm. This utility can perform some awesome functions like green screen , auto subtitles, annotations, add overlay, add text or graphics in video and many more. These handy editing tools will make your video look professional with minimal effort. 

You can always add photos and graphics from your device, but Screencast-O-Matic gives you a vibrant selection of stock images, videos, and music tracks that make your videos more engaging for viewers. Please note that stock multimedia is only available in their Premier plan.

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Last but not least, Screencast-O-Matic gives you one of the most versatile video sharing options in the industry. First of all, you can share your videos to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Drive, email and more. But wait, there’s more to it than that! You can also use the built-in Screencast-O-Matic video hosting service that allows you to upload your videos to their own servers.

You can then skip the uploading and downloading part of sending videos to each recipient and get away with sending links to your videos. Please note that you only get 25GB of free hosting and need to subscribe to the premium plan to continue using the service. 

Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder certainly does the main job of recording your screen and webcam well, but the small, well-thought features throughout the interface make it a must-have. The screen recording features of this utility are quite similar to the rest; You can record your screen with or without a webcam feed, you can choose to use the system audio, and you can save or edit the files. 

With the unique part of Movavi you can plan your recordings; You can select a date and time to start recording, and Movavi will automatically start capturing the screen with your preferred settings. In addition, you can display your keystrokes and mouse movements in the video. Hiding your keystrokes is essential when entering sensitive information like passwords while making a screen recording video.

You can also refer back to the videos during recording to make them more engaging for your audience. Another great feature that Movavi brings to the table is the ability to record audio separately. You may argue that there is nothing special about recording audio, and many other apps can do the same. While this is true, think of a situation where you’re recording a video and have to start over just because you’re messing up the audio or fumbling around during the recording process. 

The Record Audio Only option allows you to record the commentary on the video, which you can easily attach to your video with the video editor. Please note that Movavi’s screen recorder and video editor package gives you access to all professional editing and recording features. You will only get the basic recording features if you simply opt for Movavi’s Screen Recorder application. 


Sure, the screen recorders mentioned above offer impressive features for both casual and power users, but wait until you hear about Vidhof. While you can always use Vidyard for the occasional screen capture, this utility shines when you challenge it with a large-scale, industrial-grade workflow. Vidyard is a perfect tool for creating videos in a range of different genres such as software demos, customer support videos, sales pitches, and more. 

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Through Vidyard, you can easily record your screen and webcam, and even create stunning thumbnails for your videos. In addition, you can seamlessly integrate your videos with Gmail, Outlook and other business tools. You can even play video previews in the recipient’s email, which massively increases user acquisition of the video. Vidyard even notifies you when someone is viewing your video, and the analysis tools in this utility are a must. 

Vidyard has specific features for marketing, sales, business, and enterprise needs. You get impressive features like dedicated video hosting, interactive playback, video analytics and SEO, and video hubs.

The interactive playback feature is a deal breaker as you can embed your videos anywhere on the web so viewers can easily watch the video. Video analytics and SEO are other great features that give you insight into how your video is performing and optimize it for better search engine rankings. 


Wondershare’s demo is one of the most feature-rich and well-designed screen recording and video editing combos in the entire lot Once again, the screen recording features are healthy and lack nothing you might need; You get real-time screen drawing and one-click screen capture with or without webcam footage, and more. You can also schedule recordings based on your needs and edit videos on the go. What’s more, you can edit your video and audio in separate tracks, which makes editing more convenient and easier.

The effects pack and editing options make Wondershare DemoCreator a fantastic tool for business or regular users. Let’s talk about the Virtual Human feature first! The Virtual Human feature is similar to Apple’s Animojis, which essentially creates a virtual human figure that mimics your facial expressions and audio. You can then use this virtual human as the narrator for your videos and just imagine the lasting impact this will have on your viewers. 

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The next thing we need to do is add animations to your video or create an entire animated scene ourselves with minimal effort. You can choose from a ton of different location themes, character themes, and more. In addition, you can control the facial expressions and hand movements of these characters and create a full blown animated scene with just a few clicks. 

Sharing your videos via DemoCreator is another USP. It gives you tons of sharing options to choose from. You can either create a shareable link for your videos or create an embed code that you can paste anywhere on the web. 


If you’re a recruiter, you need to understand the tedious process of screening candidates who don’t meet the job criteria or don’t understand the job profile well. Most online job postings are in writing, which is a major reason many unsuitable candidates end up in your inbox.

How about a video message listing everything you need in your next employee? The idea makes perfect sense as videos are much easier to understand and it’s harder to miss the point when watching a video than it is to read the same thing in writing.

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If you’re excited about the idea of ​​posting a video job ad, be sure to check out Commute , a dedicated video creation platform for recruiters. The best thing about Commute is that it’s not an ordinary screen recorder, but rather a whole suite of features geared towards enhancing your recruitment campaign.

You can expect a significant increase in the response rate from candidates applying for listing. Next, you can ask the shortlisted candidates to respond by creating a video about commute. With a video response, you can assess candidates’ communication skills without starting the interview. 

As for the video recording features, Kommute lets you use your logo and color schemes to add an authentic flavor to the videos. In addition, you can create an internal library with all your videos and control the accessibility of the video library. Sending and receiving video replies with Kommute is like using a messenger with videos, and you can see the entire history of replies in a single chat header. You can embed the recruitment videos anywhere on the web using the video embed codes. 


Videos are becoming a common form of communication every day, and creating a standard screen recording video is something every employer demands of their employees. The article above contains the best screen recording applications that you can use to record your screen and webcam.

In summary, if you want a screen recorder for your business, you can go for Vidyard. Loom, Vmaker and Screen-O-Matic are great general purpose screen recorders that serve their purpose for regular users and businesses. You can use WonderShare DemoCreator if you want to go one step further to add animation and better edit your screen recordings. Kommute, on the other hand, is a dedicated recruitment-driven video recording and messaging tool. 

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