If you want to fall back on a supposed snapper when buying a car, you should not only consider the purchase price – it is above all the follow-up costs that often spoil the fun. When looking for the right vehicle, the question arises as to which adjustment screws are best to turn: consumption, maintenance – and also the insurance costs!

The following models can all be insured cheaply – this could also be very helpful when looking for a car for novice drivers ! We divide the models into the following vehicle categories:

Overview of the best cars with cheap insurance:

Please note, however, that there may be occasional cases where the basic equipment is cheaper, but since we are listing the cars with the cheapest insurance classes, we will of course show you the prices for the corresponding equipment variants. Since comprehensive insurance is more necessary when buying a new car, we assign our places in the ranking on the basis of the cheapest comprehensive insurance.

Modeloffers from
smart EQ fortwo€13,442compare offers
smart EQ fortwo convertible€16,442compare offers
Dacia Sandero€13,140compare offers
Renault Zoe€28,746compare offers
Opel Corsa-e€28,028compare offers
Renault Twingo Electric€20,170compare offers

1. smart EQ fortwo and smart EQ fortwo convertible

The smart EQ fortwo and its roofless colleague, the smart EQ fortwo Cabrio , secured first place in the ranking . What do both have in common – of course, apart from the fact that these are identical cars, only in one version with a practical folding roof? They are both energized in the truest sense of the word and, in terms of insurance classes, are absolute winners!

Only these two small cars make it into insurance class 11 for comprehensive insurance , which are more suitable than any other thoroughbred city cars for operation in urban areas. It should be noted, however, that this classification only applies to the standard equipment in conjunction with the 82 hp engine.

With a length of 2.70 meters, there should always be a parking space for the city runabout in the city. The rear-folding roof of the smart EQ fortwo Cabrio is the absolute guarantee for wind on your face, sun on your head and a good mood in the two-seater cab in summer.

smart EQ fortwo
smart EQ fortwo convertible
compare offerscompare offers
Equipment variant:default
Engine:82 hp
Insurance class
fully comprehensive:

2. Dacia Sandero

Romania or France, Dacia or Renault – no one knows for sure, because the Sandero has a lot of (older) Renault technology under the hood, which in turn is adorned with the brand logo of the Romanian car manufacturer. But what everyone should know is that the Dacia Sandero is a cheap car, even the cheapest new car in Germany!

If you want to insure the Sandero as cheaply as possible, it is best to choose the entry-level SCe 65 petrol engine and the Comfort equipment line. The engine doesn’t necessarily make driving fun, because with a meager 67 hp and a maximum torque at 3600 revolutions, no trees can probably be uprooted in terms of driving technology. But the equipment details in the Dacia Sandero Comfort are delightful: Compared to the basic version, the small car comes in the top version with an 8-inch multimedia touchscreen, air conditioning, a rain sensor and electrically folding and heated (!) exterior mirrors.

Dacia Sanderocompare offers
Equipment variant:Comfort/Access/Essential
Engine:67 hp petrol engine
Insurance class
fully comprehensive:

3.Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe made the electric car segment really socially acceptable . Ever since it (or she?) was launched in 2013, Renault has headlined it with the line “The electric car for Germany”. In 2020, the French group was even able to sell around 30,000 units of the model in this country. The car is now really picking up steam, both in terms of sales and specifications.

With the electric motor R135 you can travel 386 km according to WLTP, of course without CO2 emissions. Electricity isn’t just a trend, it’s also environmentally friendly. The combination of this battery and the Intens equipment line not only offers an attractive insurance rating, but also an extensive range of gimmicks such as a lane departure warning system, a blind spot warning system and a reversing camera. Anyone who turns around here after the carriage will say: Who can resist that?

Renault Zoecompare offers
Equipment variant:intense
Engine:R135/ZE 50
battery purchase, 135 hp
Insurance class
fully comprehensive:

4. Opel Corsa-e

Well, confused? Rightly so, because the naming at Opel is subtly misleading. The Opel Corsa-e , the all-electric variant of the Opel Corsa F, should definitely not be confused with the Opel Corsa E, the predecessor of the Opel Corsa F. Got it? Now that all potential misunderstandings are out of the way, the Corsa-e has enough space to unfold and focus on what it’s really good at: looking good and being 100% electric. The new model edition, which was urgently needed after the last facelift , played a large part in this.

The battery working under the hood gives drivers a range of up to 337 km. The equipment line Elegance, which is particularly suitable for insurance savers, also includes a sea of ​​infotainment and safety gadgets such as drowsiness detection, electric windows with anti-trap protection at the rear and much more. So you can travel comfortably and, above all, cheaply from an insurance point of view!

Opel Corsa-ecompare offers
Equipment variant:Ultimate
Engine:136 hp engine
Insurance class
fully comprehensive:

5. Renault Twingo Electric

As you can see, electric cars take the top spots in this guide. They are unbelievably cheap, at least as far as the insurance prices are concerned. The Renault Twingo Electric does the same thing : it boasts insurance class 15 when it comes to fully comprehensive insurance. If you want to use these cost advantages, you have to be careful when choosing equipment! From the three lines offered, namely Zen, Intens and Vibes, Zen should be used in combination with the 82 hp engine in order to be able to insure as inexpensively as possible.

Apart from its inner values, the Twingo is also a real styler! The small car, which is also excellently suited as a city car , can be color-customised in many different ways, giving it a different, individual and peppy touch. Depending on the color choice, it becomes an optical exclamation point in every quarter!

Renault Twingo Electriccompare offers
Equipment variant:Zen
Engine:82 hp engine
Insurance class
fully comprehensive:

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It continues with another, very popular type of vehicle – the SUV :

Modeloffers from
Dacia Duster€13,665compare offers
Seat Arona€16,945compare offers
Opel Crossland X€15,891compare offers
VW T Cross€18,358compare offers
Fiat 500X€25,797compare offers

1. Dacia Duster

If you want to drive an SUV, you probably won’t get away with it cheaper than with the Dacia Duster . And the Duster is not only cheap in terms of purchase price, but also in terms of insurance. Insurance class 15 for comprehensive insurance, that’s really good. If you want to secure the cheap insurance, you can buy the Duster in the Comfort, Essential and Prestige equipment – ​​but only as a natural gas model.

Insurance is slightly more expensive for all other engine versions.

Dacia Dustercompare offers
Equipment variant:Comfort/Essential/
Engine:100 hp engine / natural gas
Insurance class
fully comprehensive:

2. Seat Arona

The Spanish compact SUV Seat Arona brings a good overall package, because it is stylish, youthful, compact and available in a wide variety of equipment versions. Another advantage is that it is one of the cheapest SUVs to insure.

The fully comprehensive version of the Arona is integrated into insurance class 16. If you order the Reference, Style, FR and Xperience trim levels and opt for either the 95 or 110 hp engine, you should get away with it cheaply.

Seat Aronacompare offers
Equipment variant:Xperience/FR/Style/
Engine:95 and 110 hp engines
Insurance class
fully comprehensive:

3. Opel Crossland

The down-to-earth Opel Crossland can also convince in terms of insurance. If you are satisfied with the 130 hp engine, it is classified in class 17 with comprehensive insurance and with the equipment Standard, Elegance and Ultimate.

Overall, the Crossland does a good job, above all it is the more down-to-earth and classic variant of the Asian and Mediterranean SUVs, which are sometimes too lifestyle-oriented for one or the other. The Crossland is a practical everyday companion that you can rely on.

Opel Crosslandcompare offers
Equipment variant:Ultimate/Standard/
Engine:130 hp engine
Insurance class
fully comprehensive:

4. VW T Cross

If you want a mini-SUV that you can use to get around town comfortably and still have a full overview, we recommend the VW T-Cross. It is not only compact and yet practical, but also youthful, modern and, with insurance class 17, can also be insured quite cheaply.

If it matters to you, then you should opt for the 150 hp engine in the Standard, Life, Style or Active equipment. We really don’t think you’re making a bad choice here.

VW T Crosscompare offers
Equipment variant:Standard/Life/Style/
Engine:150 hp engine
Insurance class
fully comprehensive:

5.Fiat 500X

The Fiat 500X is a small crossover – and you can also sit in it very stylishly and comfortably. Due to the crossover style, the overview is not as good as in a real SUV, but it has a lot of charm and enough space.

But if you want to insure it cheaply, you have to choose the Dolcevita Launch Edition and the 150 hp engine. All other trim levels and engines are more expensive.

Fiat 500Xcompare offers
Equipment variant:Dolce Vita Launch
Engine:150 hp engine
Insurance class
fully comprehensive:

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In addition to small cars and SUVs, it is the compact cars that are also most in demand. Here you will find the best compact cars with cheap insurance summarized:

Modeloffers from
Seat Leon€23,836compare offers
VW ID.3€25,890compare offers
Seat Leon
Sports Tourer
€19,988compare offers
Skoda Octavia
€20,497compare offers
VW Golf€25,626compare offers

1. Seat Leon

You may have noticed that only models from the VW Group are represented in these top 5. Pure coincidence – but we would also like to present the compact cars that are the cheapest to insure and it seems that everything has been done right in the VW Group.

Let’s get to the Seat Leon . In its latest generation, it is very stylish and elegant. The compact Spaniard exudes joie de vivre and is a good choice for anyone who is young, feels young at heart or is simply looking for a dynamic compact vehicle. For a cheap insurance in class 11 with comprehensive insurance, however, the 130 hp natural gas engine must be selected. The facilities here are as good as irrelevant.

Seat Leoncompare offers
Equipment variant:FR/Xcellence/Xcellence
Plus/FR Plus/Style
Engine:130 hp engine / natural gas
Insurance class
fully comprehensive:

2.VW ID.3

If you want to insure your ID.3 fully comprehensively as cheaply as possible, you have to opt for the smallest engine with 146 hp and the Pro equipment version. Then the VW ID.3 can be integrated into insurance class 16.

If in doubt, the more powerful version is more fun and probably not that much more expensive, just inquire in advance.

VW ID.3compare offers
Equipment variant:Per
Engine:146 hp engine
Insurance class
fully comprehensive:

3. Seat Leon Sports Tourer

If you want a compact station wagon , the Seat Leon Sportstourer is the right choice. A lot fits in here, but as a station wagon it is not as big and long as some of its competitors. To get the cheap insurance with class 16, you have to choose the 90 hp engine and the equipment Style or Reference.

Since the Leon ST is not necessarily a sports cannon, you could get along quite well with the 90 hp.

Seat Leon Sports Tourercompare offers
Equipment variant:Style/Reference
Engine:90 hp engine
Insurance class
fully comprehensive:

4.Skoda Octavia Combi

The Skoda Octavia Combi is a great all-rounder with lots of space, comfort and lots of clever Skoda details. The station wagon can also be insured cheaply in insurance class 17 if you opt for the Clever, Style or Active equipment and are satisfied with the 110 or 130 hp engine.

If that’s the case, almost none is better value for money than the Skoda Octavia Combi. It is big but not too big, offers an incredible amount of space and also looks chic.

Skoda Octavia Combicompare offers
Equipment variant:Smart/Active/Style
Engine:110/130 hp engine
Insurance class
fully comprehensive:

5. Volkswagen Golf

The classic VW Golf is also among the top 5 of the cheapest compact cars to be insured. In the latest version, the bestseller from Wolfsburg has become really modern and stylish – people always wanted to accuse the previous models of a certain conservativeness.

If you opt for the Golf in the Life or Active equipment with the 110 hp engine, you can have your vehicle included in insurance class 18 with fully comprehensive insurance.

VW Golfcompare offers
Equipment variant:Live/Active
Engine:110 hp engine
Insurance class
fully comprehensive:

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What is comprehensive insurance?

In addition to partially comprehensive and liability insurance, fully comprehensive insurance is one of the insurance models that drivers can choose when insuring their car. While liability and partially comprehensive insurance only cover certain claims, fully comprehensive insurance can be described as an all-round carefree package. In addition to the damage contained in the partially comprehensive insurance, fully comprehensive insurance also covers damage to your own vehicle.

You can find more information about the different types of car insurance in our insurance guide for new cars .

How is the insurance class determined?

Several factors play a role in determining the type class of a vehicle. On the one hand, this includes the vehicle class, because whether you drive a small car or an SUV should not be irrelevant in terms of the insurance premium. In addition, when calculating the insurance class, the accident statistics and the amount of the associated repair costs per year and vehicle are included.

In other words: the fewer accidents a certain model was involved in, the smaller the type class calculated later. Conversely, this means that a vehicle model with a lot of accident damage and high repair costs receives a higher classification. The classification of the individual vehicles is calculated anew every year. As a rule, this is done by the GDV, the General Association of the German Insurance Industry.

How much does fully comprehensive insurance cost?

You can usually find out how much comprehensive insurance costs from the insurer of your choice. Most insurance companies offer online calculators that can be used to determine the individual insurance premium. It’s not just about the insurance class of the vehicle.

The duration of possession of the driver’s license and the so-called no-claims class are also decisive here. Since it is assumed that younger drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident due to a lack of driving experience, insurance for novice drivers costs significantly more. The opposite calculation comes into play here: The longer a person remains accident-free, the higher they climb in the ranking of the no-claims class and the lower the insurance premiums.

For young drivers, however, there is the possibility of car insurance through their parents by registering the vehicle as a second car and classifying it as significantly cheaper. So: If you want to save on insurance, you have to incorporate the phrase “Open your eyes in traffic” or simply have parents with a high no-claims class!

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