The Internet, everyday online life and technological developments are changing work forms and content. New professions are emerging, but also some earning opportunities that everyone can participate in. Learn about the different ways you can make money online – whether it’s part-time, full-time, working from home, or passive income

Whether it’s starting an e-commerce store, offering digital services like consulting or coaching, creating and selling online courses, or leveraging social media platforms to become an influencer, the internet provides a vast landscape for entrepreneurial success

Additionally, emerging trends such as virtual reality experiences, remote work solutions, and the rise of digital currencies open up new avenues for online income generation

By harnessing the power of the internet, embracing innovation, and leveraging one’s skills and expertise, the potential to make money online in 2023 is limited only by creativity and determination.

In 2023, the world of making money online continues to expand and present numerous opportunities for individuals seeking to earn income from the comfort of their own homes. With the advancement of technology and the increasing connectivity of people worldwide, there are several avenues through which individuals can generate revenue online

One popular method is through e-commerce platforms, where entrepreneurs can create their own online stores and sell products to a global customer base. Additionally, the gig economy has flourished, allowing individuals to offer their skills and services through freelancing platforms or online marketplaces. From writing and graphic design to virtual assistance and programming, there is a demand for various talents. Furthermore, content creation has gained immense popularity, with platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok providing opportunities for individuals to monetize their creativity and engage with a vast audience.

Affiliate marketing, online tutoring, and blogging also remain viable options for generating income online in 2023. However, it is essential to approach these opportunities with diligence, research, and a focus on building a reputable online presence to maximize earnings and ensure long-term success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

.Making money online in 2023 offers a multitude of opportunities for individuals seeking financial independence and flexible work options. With the rapid advancements in technology and the increasing global connectivity, there has never been a better time to explore various online ventures.

Make money online – the 50 best business ideas

In order to earn money online, the use of specialized platforms is a good idea. Because they relieve you of organizational ballast with the help of standardized processes and increase your reach. There are many opportunities in this area for different interests, requirements and qualifications, as the following 50 examples show

1. Affiliate MarketingWith your own blog or niche site, you can make money online through commission links. Affiliate networks such as AWIN are suitable for monetization .
2. Monetize appsYou need to be able to program for this. For example, if you For example, if you offer something on Google Play , you can make money online through sales, advertising, in-app sales or subscriptions.
3. Sell audio contentWhether it’s music or an audio book, Feiyr supports the distribution of self-created content.
4. BloggingA blog, e.g. B. in WordPress , which you regularly fill with search engine optimized content, you can monetize with affiliate links, advertisements, sponsored posts, download offers and guest contributions.
5. Car sharingWith SnappCar you can find interested parties in your neighborhood to whom you can temporarily rent your private vehicle.
6. Cash backYou don’t earn any additional money by using a cashback portal like Shoop , but you do get money back for online purchases in partner shops.
7. Test computer gamesYou can find jobs directly with software companies or on job boards such as jooble .
8. Test digital productsThis is mainly about troubleshooting in apps and websites, e.g. B. at Testbirds .
9. DropshippingYou operate your own online shop, but the goods are sent directly from the wholesaler to the customer. This is possible with Shopify , among others .
10. Sell eBooksYou can sell your own e-books via Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing , for example .
11. RecommendationsMany companies pay bonuses for successful recommendations to friends and acquaintances. At Tellja you get an overview of current offers and can make recommendations directly.
12. Create explainer videosWith the appropriate skills, you can create animated, explanatory videos for your clients. You can find jobs via fiverr, among others.
13. EsportsThe tournaments of the Electronic Sports League with prize money in the two to three-digit range are suitable for getting started with earning money with online games .
14. Develop company namesAt you can submit suggestions for specific inquiries. You only earn if the customer chooses your solution.
15. Sell photosIf you enjoy photography, offer suitable photos for sale on stock photo platforms such as Alamy .
16. Sell used goodsThere are various classifieds portals for this, but you can sell books, CDs, DVDs, games and clothing to momox immediately and for a fixed price .
17. Publish a printed bookIf your book is to be sold as a print edition in bookstores without a publisher, you can have it printed using the print-on-demand method, for example at BoD .
18. Graphic DesignThe portal is aimed primarily at professional designers. It’s about designing logos, websites, packaging, book covers and more.
19. Sell graphicsThe demand for graphics for editorial purposes is high, which is why the well-known stock photo exchanges, e.g. B. Shutterstock , also offer this possibility.
20. Selling handmade itemsYou can sell self-sewn clothing, jewellery, home accessories or similar products in your own shop on Etsy and thus earn money online with your creative hobby or your craft profession.
21. Becoming an influencerIn order for companies to work with you as an advertising partner, they need at least one social media channel with a very high reach, e.g. B. on Instagram .
22. IT ServicesIf you have the appropriate qualifications and would like to work as a freelancer, you will find jobs for IT experts at Uplink , among others.
23. Selling artRedbubble is a print-on-demand platform that caters specifically to artists and designers. You can sell your artistic motifs on various products, including murals.
24. Marketing AssistanceWhether for social media marketing or newsletter design, as a freelancer you can support companies with individual tasks. A mediation platform, also for other assistance tasks, is my-vpa .
25. MerchandisingIf you already run a successful podcast, YouTube channel or similar, your own merchandise products are an additional source of income. Use print-on-demand platforms like Printful for this.
26. Micro jobsThese are small tasks such as research, data categorization or app tests, which are e.g. B. can be done relatively quickly via Clickworker and enable an additional income.
27. CarpoolingIf you’re planning a trip in your car and still have seats available, you can offer paid rides through BlaBlaCar.
28. Mobile Micro JobsWith Streetspotr, you can use your smartphone to do jobs in your immediate vicinity, e.g. B. Take photos or collect information.
29. Test online offersYou can occasionally make some money online by testing products on behalf of vendors. You can find ways to do this at Testerheld .
30. Giving tutoring onlineWith GoStudent it is possible to make money online with tutoring. You can quickly find the right students and useful tools for the lesson.
31. Online CoachingAs a coach, you will not only find coachees via Coachfox , but you will also benefit from functions such as making appointments, billing and using the video discussion platform.
32. Offer online fitness classesWith FitogramPro you sell live online courses as well as videos on demand. The offer is mainly aimed at owners of studios who use it as a supplement.
33. Create online coursesYou can publish your own video courses on Udemy and make money online from them. Almost any topic is possible, from IT tutorials to business knowledge to hobbies.
34. P2P lendingThey lend money for projects via platforms like auxmoney and earn on the interest. Losses are not excluded.
35. Publish podcastsCreate, publish and monetize podcasts e.g. For example, using Anchor on many well-known podcast apps.
36. Print on DemandYou sell items printed with your self-designed motifs via your own online shop or associated sales channels. Production and shipping are handled by a service provider like Gelato .
37. Develop and sell softwareDevelopment is a demanding task for professionals. Digistore24 offers a wide range of options for sales .
38. Have surfing behavior monitoredYou register your mobile devices with nielsen for research purposes and receive points that can be exchanged for vouchers or awards.
39. Write lyricsWhether professionally or just occasionally, you can earn money online with Textbroker by writing advice articles, product descriptions, advertising texts and the like .
40. TradingWith trading in securities and cryptocurrencies, e.g. B. on eToro, you can make money online, but you can also lose it. Therefore, inform yourself thoroughly and only take manageable risks.
41. TranscriptionAre you typing fast on the keyboard? After a successful application on, you will transcribe audio and video recordings on a fee basis.
42. Design t-shirtsIf you like graphic design, you can use Spreadshirt to earn money online with printed T-shirts, clothing and accessories, directly on the portal’s marketplace or in your own shop.
43. TranslateTranslation work can easily be done online. caters to professional translators and linguists.
44. PollsParticipation in paid surveys, e.g. B. at MOBROG , brings in a few euros by the way.
45. Rent accommodationWhether it’s a place to sleep, a room, an apartment, or an entire house, Airbnb lets you rent out accommodation to travelers for a short time, for example when you’re temporarily away.
46. ​​Fan SupportIf you regularly watch podcasts, videos, blog articles, etc. If you publish something, you can have your followers voluntarily support you financially via Patreon .
47. Usability testingWhether websites, apps or online shops, you can test the user-friendliness of these offers without requiring any prior knowledge, e.g. B. via FOKUS UX .
48. Sales with Amazon FBAWith Amazon FBA, you sell products via your own Amazon marketplace or external online shop, which Amazon ships directly for a fee.
49. Produce videosIf you regularly publish videos on YouTube , you can earn money online through advertisements or affiliate links, with a very high reach also as an influencer in cooperation with companies.
50. Sell videosShort videos for editorial purposes can also be sold on platforms like iStock alongside photos and graphics.

Earn money online – the three most important questions at a glance

Would you like to earn money online occasionally or regularly? Perhaps you have already asked yourself one of the following questions:

  • Can you really make money online?
    There are many different ways to make money online, whether full-time, part-time, or just occasionally.
  • How do I make money online?
    With the right employers, this is possible both as an employee and as a self-employed person, for which the use of suitable portals is a good idea.
  • How fast can you make money online?
    You can get smaller amounts with the right jobs in a few hours or days. Earning a larger sum quickly is only possible with the appropriate qualifications and experience.

In this article, get to know various ideas and suitable portals where you can make money online.

15 job profiles with which you can permanently earn money online

The professions presented below can basically be handled via the Internet and are suitable for self-employment. However, employees are often also sought after. Whether you can work from home or have to be present at the client or employer depends on individual agreements.

The stated investment amount relates to self-employment. A standard household equipment with computer technology and an Internet connection are required – these costs are not included in the sum stated below.

In most cases, both full-time and part-time work is possible. The table shows the typical amount of time. When it comes to earning potential, individual circumstances always play a major role.

We ranked the following 15 internet jobs on a scale of 1-5 based on earning potential, time commitment, and investment needs, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest score.

1. Social Media Managersmarketinghighfull timefrom €500
2. Content managermarketinghighfull timefrom €500
3. Web Analystmarketinghighfull timefrom €1,000
4. SEO/SEA consultantmarketinghighfull timefrom €500
5. IT managerIThighfull timefrom €1,000
6.Data ScientistIThighfull timefrom €1,000
7. LecturerLanguagemiddlefull timefrom €500
8. Copywriter/ ConcepterLanguagemiddlefull timefrom €500
9. Technical documentationLanguagemiddlefull timefrom €1,000
10. Online language teacherLanguagemiddlepart timefrom €100
11. Virtual Assistantservicemiddlefull timefrom €500
12. Online Coachservicehighpart timefrom €1,000
13. E-learning developerCreativehighfull timefrom €1,000
14. Media DesignerCreativemiddlefull timefrom €1,000
15. Video Post ProducerCreativemiddlefull timefrom €1,000

1. Earn money online as a social media specialist

Social networks are indispensable communication channels for companies, clubs and other organizations. Build customer loyalty , present new products, receive feedback – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Co. make it possible. It is important to stand out from the crowd and to hit the nerve of the customer with good and creative content.

Social media managers are familiar with social networks and their special features. They are professionals in technical and legal issues and have mastered the art of communication. Larger companies usually employ their own social media managers. You can also work for the others on a self-employed basis as a freelancer. Studies, training or experience in this field are prerequisites. You can find jobs, for example, via portals such as 


2. Make money online with content management

Earning money on the Internet is also possible as a content manager. He takes care of the website of a company or an organization and writes articles on the relevant topic, which should deliver as much traffic as possible. The tasks include, for example, the creation or commissioning of texts, images and videos, as well as the optimization of user-friendliness.

This activity also requires knowledge of the underlying technologies, the legal framework and the aspects of communication psychology. This job not only allows for employment, but also for freelance work as a content manager. Long-term cooperations are more promising than short-term projects. Orders are placed on platforms such as , among others .

3. Make money online as a web analyst

The job of a web analyst is to optimize online shops and other websites. The main thing is to improve the conversion rate. This means that as many visitors as possible should buy products or carry out other desired actions, for example filling out a contact form. The web analyst examines user behavior using various methods. He must be familiar with analysis methods and tools and be able to deal with statistical figures.

The analyzes form the basis for improvements, which are based on the needs of customers or users. Web analysts can work as employees for a company or in a consulting agency for multiple clients. Self-employment is also possible. You can find orders, for example, via the platform .

4. Make money online with SEO/SEA

SEO and SEA are two different fields, both of which have to do with search engines, especially Google. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) ensures that a website is among the first results for relevant search queries. Search engine optimization is based on the Google algorithm, which is constantly changing. It is therefore important for an SEO expert to always be up to date.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) deals with advertising measures via Google or other search engines. Companies want to use the financial resources for this as efficiently as possible. The SEA expert draws up a strategy for this and takes care of the measures. Many SEO or SEA consultants are self-employed and can make money online. You can get jobs via , among other places .

5. Make money online through IT management

IT management is a collective term for various services related to the IT structure of companies or organizations. Accordingly, experts specialize in certain topics and work as employees or as external managers or consultants.

For example, it could be general support that keeps the system running. Other important topics are IT security and data protection. This work requires appropriate training and professional experience. With certain certificates, for example as a Certified Information System Auditor (CISA), you can prove your skills and make even better money online. A specialized placement platform for IT jobs and assignments is .

6. Make money online with data science

The introduction of data technologies into everyday life has resulted in extensive data storage. By analyzing this mass of data, you can identify connections and derive insights from them. Future developments are also foreseeable. Data analyzes improve the quality of business decisions. Ultimately, the use of these opportunities is crucial for the competitiveness of a company.

While many large companies employ their own data scientists, small and medium-sized companies often hire external experts. The tasks consist of preparing data from various sources and creating and maintaining a system for regular analysis. The task is suitable for computer scientists, statisticians and business economists with appropriate training and further education.

7. Earn money online as a lecturer

You can also earn money on the Internet as a lecturer. This profession deals with texts and literary works of other authors. There are different forms of work and specializations. Anyone who works for a publishing house, often as an employee, chooses from the manuscripts of different authors those suitable for the publishing program. On the other hand, checking the works of publishers’ authors is also one of the tasks. An editor pays attention to the style and comprehensibility of the work and to linguistic subtleties.

On the other hand, many freelance editors work for different clients, including directly for authors. This is how you can make money online, but also offline. The focus is also on optimizing texts. The field of work includes not only novels and non-fiction books, but also content for online and print media, scientific work or advertising texts. Most editors have completed a linguistic degree and specialize in a subject area. Editors with no real-world experience may find work through .

8. Earn money online as a copywriter/concepter

Copywriters specialize in writing promotional content for various media. This includes the design of slogans as well as content for a company website or texts for commercials. Copywriters often even develop complete advertising concepts.

In addition to very good language skills and creativity, communication psychology skills are also a prerequisite for this job. Because it is important to reach the target group of the advertising measures. Although there is training to become a copywriter/concept developer, many career changers also work in this profession. Copywriters are either employed in large companies or advertising agencies or work as self-employed. You can use the texterjobbö portal to look for a job or an order .

9. Make money online with technical documentation

Technical editors also write texts. However, it is about technical products. These documents are often operating or maintenance manuals. Graphics or technical drawings that you create yourself supplement many of these texts. Earning money on the Internet is also possible in this professional field.

The work requires a high level of expertise in the respective field, which is why a technical degree is usually the basis for it. You must understand the technique to be described in detail. Legal requirements or other standards often also play a role. And, of course, language skills are very important so that the target group understands the documentation. A professional association that also offers further training and certification is the Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation eV (tekom). Job exchanges like provide jobs and assignments .

10. Online language teacher

Teaching language learners around the world as a native speaker is another way you can make money online. Ideally, you have completed a degree in “German as a foreign language” or a similar linguistic or pedagogical qualification. You can create your own teaching materials and find students through your own website, social media or online ads. Lessons then often take place via Skype, zoom or on various learning platforms.

There are also portals specializing in this form of teaching, such as . In this case, you do not have to worry about curricula and teaching materials, because these have already been prepared and are available to you. They give group or individual lessons. At least two years of teaching experience and very good knowledge of English are required.

11. Earn money online with virtual assistance

Smaller companies or mobile sole proprietors often do not have their own secretariat. They employ virtual assistants so that they don’t have to do all the administrative work themselves. These are not present in a specific place, but do all the tasks online. Virtual assistants can be employees. However, they often work as freelancers for several clients.

The possible range of tasks is very large, so that many virtual assistants specialize. Telephone service can be part of the work as well as arranging appointments, research or the coordination of projects. The portal has specialized in providing virtual assistant jobs and assignments to paying members. Comparable portals are:

  • my-vpa
  • eAssistant
  • beach layer
  • doyouthat

12. Online Coaching

For coaching and personal advice in various areas, the Internet offers particularly good opportunities to expand the circle of clients. Because if conversations can be conducted via video chat, you can also reach people who would otherwise not come to you due to a large physical distance or limited mobility or who simply have little time.

Coaching is basically possible in all areas in which you have extensive knowledge and experience, with which you can help interested people in a long-term consulting and training process. Whether for management consulting, time management or a healthier lifestyle, a lot is possible. For some counseling fields, especially in the therapeutic area, certain training and examinations are required. Offer your services via your own website or social networks. You can also use agency portals such as .

13. Make money online as an e-learning developer

The internet and digitization have greatly expanded the possibilities for self-learning. The market for electronic learning media is developing accordingly. Examples are:

  • online courses
  • app
  • videos
  • eBooks
  • audio courses

If you are very familiar with an area, are creative and have didactic skills, you can use it to make money online. This can also be a hobby. Consider collaborating with experts for the technical

implementation. Either sales or affiliate marketing or advertising bring money. This means you include advertisements or links to affiliate partners who pay for them. One platform for providers of paid video courses is .

14. Make money online with media design

Media design is a broad field where specializations are common. The designers create articles for online presence, print media or film and video productions. They implement the customer’s specifications and contribute their own ideas. The job requires artistic talent, creativity and technical understanding.

There are courses and training courses that prepare you for the profession of media designer. Those who teach themselves the skills to do this through self-study and gain practical experience also have opportunities. Many media designers work in agencies or as freelancers for various clients. You can find jobs, assignments and partnerships at , for example .

15. Make money online as a video post producer

Video post-production is also a form of media creation, but only in relation to video editing. The work also does not include the actual video or film shoot, but cutting, sound editing and adding effects if necessary. That means you cooperate with film and video producers or accept their orders.

There are courses that impart the relevant know-how. Those who have acquired the knowledge themselves out of interest and have gained experience through internships or smaller projects can also offer their services in this area. It is often about advertising or image films. But operators of professional video channels on YouTube or producers of educational videos are also sometimes looking for experts. A brokerage exchange for such orders is, among other things,

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