Are you dreaming of a life in the USA but can’t decide which city to pitch your tents in? We’ll help you make your decision and present our top 10 best places to live in the US for 2023!

#1. Raleigh, North Carolina

You’ve never heard the name Raleigh ? The beautiful and hospitable capital of North Carolina regularly features in the top lists of the best places to live in the United States. Especially if you are looking for career opportunities in the high-tech industry, moving to Raleigh is an excellent choice.

The city is located in the so-called research triangle of America and is the headquarters of many large companies such as IBM, Cisco Systems, Deloitte and TQL. With a consistently large number of vacancies, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding your dream job in Raleigh.

Even after work, the city, which despite its economic success has retained a touch of romantic small town feeling, has a lot to offer. In Raleigh you’ll find a creative food scene, exciting events, great parks and lakes for swimming and boating – and, most of the time, fantastic weather.

PositionNorth Carolina
cost of living$$$$$ _
Ø annual incomeapprox. $59,000
Ø monthly rentabout $1,100
NatureLake Johnson Park, Fred G Bond Metro Park
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#2. Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

Anyone who asks around in the USA, where it is cheap and good to live, often gets the answer “Austin, Texas”. While that’s only partially true, as downtown rents have risen sharply in recent years, Austin’s excellent public transit system makes it easy to get to parts of the city where housing is actually still affordable.

Thanks to a massive green initiative that has made Austin one of the most livable cities in the United States, you’re never far from the nearest park. In addition, a lot revolves around energy and transportation in the Texan capital, and more and more jobs are being created in sustainable industries.

What other benefits does Austin offer? With over 300 days of sunshine a year and a lively music and club scene, you can also fully enjoy your free time!

cost of living$$$$$ _
Ø annual incomeabout $58,000
Ø monthly rentabout $1,300
NatureBarton Creek Greenbelt, McKinney Falls State Park
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#3. Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville, Alabama

Welcome to Sweet Home Alabama! The town of Huntsville proves that the American southern states are very popular with people who want to move. The “Rocket City” was already known as a research site for NASA in the 1960s. Huntsville is currently experiencing another renaissance and is currently the fastest growing city in the US state of Alabama.

A growing number of technology companies promise excellent career opportunities and families can look forward to good schools. The bustling city center is a paradise for students and creative people, teeming with trendy shops, restaurants, bars, breweries and art institutions.

Year-round warm temperatures, ample opportunities for outdoor activities, and affordable housing costs also benefit all residents of Huntsville. In short, the Rocket City is a place worth living in for people of all ages!

cost of living$$$$$ _ _
Ø annual incomeapprox. $59,000
Ø monthly rentabout $870
NatureHuntsville Botanical Garden, Monte Sano State Park
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#4. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs in Colorado

Why the city of Colorado Springs is consistently voted into the top lists of the best places to live in the United States becomes immediately apparent when you take in the breathtaking backdrop of the Rocky Mountains that rise around Colorado Springs near Denver .

The region around Pikes Peak, which inspired Katharine Lee Bates’ famous poem “America the Beautiful,” is an outdoor mecca. Hiking, biking, mountaineering, whitewater rafting, or just enjoying the view—you won’t get bored in Colorado Springs! In addition, a year-round, well-filled event calendar has cultural

cost of living$$$$$ _ _
Ø annual incomeabout $56,000
Ø monthly rentabout $1,200
NatureRocky Mountains, Garden of the Gods
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#5. Tampa, Fla

Tampa Florida

Plenty of sunshine, endless dream beaches , fantastic recreational opportunities, low taxes: there are many good reasons why Florida’s cities have long ranked high in the top lists of the best places to live in the USA.

Tampa on the west coast is perfect for expats who want the amenities of Miami but want to stay away from Florida’s busiest tourist crowds. In Tampa you can benefit from a glut of great music events, thrilling sporting events and many excellent restaurants.

cost of living$$$$$ _
Ø annual incomeabout $52,000
Ø monthly rentabout $1,200
NatureTampa Bay, Cypress Creek Nature Preserve
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#6. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta in Georgia

Atlanta’s economy is booming and attracting more and more companies to the US state of Georgia! That’s why you should take a close look at the home of the Coca Cola brand if you’re an emigrant looking for a new start in the USA.

Thanks to a large-scale green initiative, you don’t have to look far if you want to enjoy the sunshine after work in one of the many city parks or in the hiking and dog walking areas. Are you more in the mood for socializing? No problem, there’s always a new trendy bar to discover or a festival to attend in Atlanta!

cost of living$$$$$ _
Ø annual incomeabout $57,000
Ø monthly rentabout $1,200
NatureStone Mountain, Atlanta Belt Line
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#7. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor in Michigan

The university town of Ann Arbor near Detroit is not only the location of North America’s largest college football stadium, but rightly one of the most livable cities in the USA. There are parks and hiking trails on almost every corner here: It is not for nothing that Ann Arbor is known under the nickname “Tree Town”.

And if you’re not already smitten with the likeable Michigan city, the diverse job market, excellent public schools, and low crime rate will convince you to move to Ann Arbor.

cost of living$$$$$ _
Ø annual incomeapprox. $59,000
Ø monthly rentabout $1,200
NatureMatthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols, University of Michigan Nichols Arboretum
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#8th. Orlando, Fla

Orlando in Fla

One thing is for sure, if you choose to live in Orlando , Florida, you will never be bored! Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld & Co. – it can take quite a while until you have explored all the fun worlds in Florida’s undisputed entertainment capital.

Orlando is also an exception in Florida, otherwise known as “ retiree paradise ”. With an average age of just 34, it is a lively center for professionals, families and students. Although real estate prices have also risen in Orlando in recent years, they have by no means reached the level in other Florida metropolises such as Miami.

cost of living$$$$$ _
Ø annual incomeabout $49,000
Ø monthly rentabout $1,300
NatureWekiwa Springs State Park, Blue Springs State Park
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#9. Seattle, Washington

Seattle and Mount Rainier

A dream destination for expats looking to start anew in America’s beautiful Pacific Northwest, Seattle regularly features in top lists of best places to live in the US despite the high cost of living.

Seattle residents will tell you that living in the laid-back Emerald City feels like a privilege most days. And there are many good reasons for that – a creative food scene, a huge density of coffee shops, an excellent education system and the lush greenery that surrounds the city on all sides all year round are just a few of them.

cost of living$$$$$
Ø annual incomeabout $74,000
Ø monthly rentabout $1,600
NatureElliott Bay, Washington Park Arboretum
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#10: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Green Bay in Wisconsin

The city of Green Bay in Wisconsin has made a name for itself internationally primarily through its American football team, the “Green Bay Packers”. But in addition to great sporting events , life in Green Bay has many other advantages, because the tranquil town on the shore of Lake Michigan really lives up to its name.

cost of living$$$$$ _
Ø annual incomeabout $50,000
Ø monthly rentabout $800
NatureGreen Bay Botanical Garden, Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary
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